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Relaxing walk

Posted by energyhotel on 19 May 2020
Category: Sostenibilita, Uncategorized

Waiting for the end of the lockdown, due to coronavirus, I thought of taking a walk along the “Rive” road.

You will tell me, well, one of the many wonderful walks in the area.

True, but the particular moment and the period in which I went through it allowed me to appreciate aspects of nature that I hadn’t noticed for a long time.

So, I walk along the road, into the deciduous forest and after leaving the inhabited area of ​​Caldonazzo, going up towards the hamlet of Campregheri, in absolute pleasant solitude I sniff and listen.

What do you smell you will say, well, I feel this perfume of a unique finesse and elegance that I had not had the pleasure of enjoying for a long time, I look up and I notice countless locust trees in bloom, I hear the hum of bees that suck the nectar of flowers and with their incessant work will produce the legendary acacia honey.

You cannot imagine what it feels like to return to admire the wonders of nature and relax abandoned to it.

Technology does not yet allow you to send a file of perfumes but it will certainly be more interesting to participate in this feeling of serenity yourself.

We are waiting for you in Valsugana, at Caldonazzo lake and we will make you discover the enchanting corners of the valley where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Team Energy hotel.


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