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The most ancient treasures of Trentino are our castles, that conserve within their walls centuries of precious energy, still vital today. Near Energy Hotel Alessandra, in Valsugana, is the Castle Pergine. The fortress dominates the valley and the Lake of Caldonazzo. Over the years, the Castle was home to many different peoples with different cultures: the Romans, the Lombards, theAustrians and in the mid-seventeenth century, the bishops of Trento. During your visit you will notice that the building is developed within two different boundary walls: the defensive part, belonging to the Middle Ages, and the decorative part, more related to the Renaissance and to the residential use of the castle. Energy Hotel Alessandra recommends to visit the ‘chamber of the fireplace’, where according to popular legends a mysterious white lady appears, the ‘prison of the drop’, the throne room and the chapel of St. Andrew.
In Caldonazzo is the Magnificent Court of Trapp, built in 1500, a residence with a double purpose: it was, in fact, the home of noble rulers, the Caldonazzo family first and then the Counts Trapp, but also the place where justice was administered since the thirteenth century.
Castel Telvana in Borgo Valsugana is not far from the village. Located in a panoramic position, the castle offers a great view on the entire valley. It can be reached by a medieval road, the Castle Trail, which brings you to the village from the backside of the castle. The oldest part of the castle dates from the thirteenth century, during the rule of the Franks, and is built around the peculiar square-shaped lookout tower.

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