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The past meets the present in Valsugana. Energy Hotel Alessandra in Calceranica, near the Lake of Caldonazzo, offers a journey through the remains of the most difficult period of our history: the Great War.
In order to learn about the events in an original way, leaving at home the history books, we suggest to visit the fortresses of theFirst World War, such as Fort Busa Verle, near the pass ofVezzena, at approximately 1.504 m., cornerstone of the defense of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Also Austrian are Fort Belvedere of Lavarone and Fort Campoof Luserna. Together with Fort Busa Verle they represent the furthest points of defense between the Empire and the Kingdomof Italy, to block advancement towards the Asiago Plateau. During the war it was bombarded by the Italian artillery and assaulted by the Alpine Infantry. After moving the front, during the course of the conflict, the fort became the troops’ quarters and a meeting point between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy.

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